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AccentCommerce Service and Transaction Fee Schedule, valid as of  July 2013 and subject to change. Please review this page from time to time - any changes in the fee schedule will be published on this page only. Notification of changes may not be sent via email or any other method. Please refer to the Terms and Conditions page for further details.


New Client setup (of which $100.00 is the account opening balance) $250.00
Monthly Service Charge $30.00
Deposit  (Balance* over $5,000.00 set on the first day of each month**) 5%
Transaction Fee*** None
Wire Transfer (International)  $55.00
Wire Transfer (Domestic/USA)  $45.00
Wire Transfer incoming/Bank charge**** $15.00
Account Closing Fee $75.00
Paper Statement Fee (each) inquire
Internal transfers (client to client) $5.00
Account MINIMUM balance at any time (see T&C) $2000.00
Account MINIMUM activity (deposits) per month (See T&C) $2500.00
Check deposit fee (per check) $5.00
Additional non-Accent service charges Vary
*Account in good standing = no terms or conditions have been violated. (Additional fees will apply if account fails to meet the minimum standards, including minimum activity, see Terms and Conditions page)
** Balance on account on the first day or each month (i.e. you can 'set' your rate - the higher your balance, the lower your rate Under $5,000 is 7.5%).
***POS  Network/Foreign Exchange fees may apply in your country.  Non US$ purchases are charged a currency conversion fee by third parties.
**** may vary based on amount and origin. Any additional bank assessed fees will be provided to you if and when they may apply.
Always Ask First! There is no fee to ask a question! 

Minimum opening balance is US$100.00 (included in purchase price).
Micro Deposits are acceptable.
Under minimum balance accounts may be terminated after notice
An account is "inactive" after 60 days and subject to closure without notification.

If you have any questions, please contact us first!. 
You must be at least 18 years of age to apply and own or operate a viable, visible business.
This disclosure page is not a guarantee of service. Certain applications and transactions may be denied.